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Rhicon applies technical and fundamental trading strategies to the foreign exchange markets 

Company Profile

Rhicon Currency Management brings the benefits of the global foreign exchange markets to institutional and accredited investors through the application of solid and sustainable trading strategies that have been successfully developed and refined over many years. Founded in 2001 by its principals, Peter Jacobson and Christopher Brandon, the firm was established to develop and capitalize on their trading and risk management skills.


The Rhicon team believes the key to its success is its integrated and experienced team and a robust infrastructure. Rhicon has all aspects of an exceptional management personnel: pedigree, expertise, and long-standing close working relationships. The investment managers have over 60 years’ foreign exchange trading experience between them, both at investment banks and on the asset management side. Rhicon has built and developed a robust trading platform, with a proprietary operations system run by an experienced execution and back office team in Singapore, reflecting its ongoing commitment to building a first-class alternative asset management firm.

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